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It's official! Trusting your gut instinct is the way forward
Source: hellomagazine.com   |   August 25, 2017   |  157 Views

Apoll of 2,000 Brits has revealed that instinct is the best judge when it comes to making big decisions such as buying a house or taking a job. One in three Brits have passed on logic and advice and trusted their gut feelings on important life choices. The survey also found that more than six in ten Brits believe their gut instinct usually leads them to a correct decision.

And on average, the nation has had to trust their inner decision-maker four times per year – with three of those choices turning out to be the correct ones.

SWGUTS3Nearly every Brit polled believe there is such a thing as gut instinct – with 93 per cent admitting it exists.

The study into trusting your guts was conducted by online casino Casumo.com, whose spokesman said: "It's amazing how many Brits believe in gut instinct, and the perception that going with your gut usually leads to correct decisions.

"Our poll found that Brits are usually confident in going with their guts, and many people will go with their initial instinct despite advice otherwise. Almost all of us have, at one point or another, trusted our gut when it comes to a decision – whether it was a big one or a small one."

The most common areas for Brits to trust their gut are in relationships, at work and deciding on whether to become friends with someone.


Some respondents found trusting their instincts paid off in other ways – with one commenting that he booked a once-in-a-lifetime trip for he and his unwell wife to the USA, which proved to be their last trip together before she became too ill to travel.

Many suggested their gut instincts had paid off when making a bet, with one coming up trumps with a 250 to 1 winner in a horse race.

One in five Brits has had their gut instinct proved right by following their internal reactions despite advice telling them to do the opposite - although a tenth say this didn't turn out well for them.

Half of the population believe people who have a habit of listening to their gut instinct are typically happier than those that don't.

And when we have a really big decision to make, gut instinct is the second most important factor to help us decide – after seeking advice from partners.

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