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Your Husband is Cheating on You Because you Have Also- Counselor Lutterodt
Source: Ghana Web   |   June 24, 2017   |  158 Views

Controversial Ghanaian counselor, George Lutterodt has said husbands cheat because their wives have been mistresses before.

He said this after he commended ‘side chicks’ saving marriages due to the good treatment they give married men.

He added that such mistresses will be greatly rewarded by God as they took very good care of another’s husband.

“I want you to understand, if you are a woman and you are going out with somebody’s husband, immediately you take good care of somebody’s husband, God will bring you your husband. Depending on the way you are taking care of somebody’s husband, God will bring you your own. And remember once you took care of somebody’s own and God brought you yours, when you get your own, somebody will take care of him,” he explained.

He went on to prophecy to all side chicks doing a good job with their men to expect their husbands soon.

“So all of you going out with peoples husbands, get ready for God is bringing yours in the name of Jesus. If you are taking care of someone’s husband well, God is just about to give you your own husband,” he said.

Counsellor Lutterodt said being a side chick is good especially when you are from a poor background as going out with a rich man could change your destiny. He believed dating rich men to alleviate poverty in women was essential and a practice to welcome.

“Those of you who have found poverty in your family make sure that if a right rich man comes, you accept them.God can use a rich man to change your destiny even though the man is not married to you, God can bring prosperity through a rich man,” he mentioned.

He mentioned Kwame Despite of Despite group of companies and Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, as examples of rich men who could help some poor ladies out there.

“For example, Despite is very rich, Kennedy Agyapong is very rich. If there is a poor girl walking there and there is poverty in her family, God can use these people to have a relationship with them and remove them from poverty? God works in mysterious ways, so don’t make yourself look miserable, your Boaz can come in any form. It could be somebody’s husband but he is your Boaz,” he said.

He then advised all married women to pray for their husbands’ mistresses as they help keep their husbands at home.

“Your marriage is still stable because of your husband's girlfriend, so if you are praying, pray for your husband's girlfriend.They are the ones keeping your husband, you don’t know. Because your husband is not able to manage you, you are a burden to your husband ,but all of a sudden God has brought your husband an ex-girlfriend, pray, pray, pray. I say pray for your husband's girlfriend,” he mentioned.

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