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Amon Tobin-co; the man who hawked his way into wealth
Source: tongagh.com   |   April 27, 2016   |  1156 Views

 He was a veritable hawker growing up; rubber bags he sold on the streets to help his poor family of 12 which was just enough to star in any football competition.

On the contrary, football was never his option, swimming was and still is.
He was a poor boy who grew up in Alafia, a small shrine in New Town, Accra; became a devout Christian; was set up in business by an Alhaji- a moslem; became the Nkosuohene under the name Nana Gyebi and ultimately rose from rags to riches by hawking on the streets. These are just but a few of the breathtaking oddities of Samuel Amo Tobbin- marketing man 2011.
On Joy FM's Personality Profile with Bola Ray Amo Tobbin reminisced how in his patched shorts, walked in 'chale wote' [rubber low cost slippers] to school- K-eleven, a popular 'syto' [shift system] school in Kotobabi.
Depending on what his shift would allow, Tobin hawked in the morning and attended classes in the afternoon and vice –versa. He had graduated from selling rubber bags to table cloths, then to novels.
Today, the same plot on which he walked shabbily to school several years ago, houses his imposing edifice and HQ of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals which is just close to the K-eleven cluster of schools.
He is now one of the kinpins in the pharmaceutical industry in Ghana but all he had in 1980 was a little 10,000 cedis now 1.00 cedi push by one Alhaji Baba who introduced him to the pharmaceutical business.
But he had to sweat; hawk; carried ampicillins, paracetamol and other drugs in a “Ghana must go” bag to Nsawam and outskirts of Accra and other parts of the country to sell. Through that small bag came imposing edifice and a reputable brand in the pharmaceutical industry in Ghana- Tobinco Pharmaceuticals.
He is presently the CIMG Marketing Man of the year and employs over 480 workers.
Tobbin peeps through the glass windows and doors of his office every morning and seeing the kids in K eleven, reminds him how far the Lord has brought him.
He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, church leader, business man and a father
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