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6 things young Ghanaians should learn from Asamoah Gyan’s success
Source: Tongagh.com   |   November 11, 2015   |  1198 Views

Why is everybody gossiping about Asamoah Gyan very recently? The ultimate reason is that Baby Jet has undoubtedly become the paradigm of success in our country today. Come on, this is not just because he earns $350000 a week; making him Africa’s highest paid footballer. But this is due to the fact that he has accomplished what he was born to do – that’s success in its entirety. That is why I need to pen down “5 Things Young Ghanaians should Learn from Asamoah Gyan’s Success” as a way of igniting our desire for success!

(1) Have patience in your struggles:
If you’ve really discovered your potential and you are utilising it, you should bear in mind that, “Patience is a key element of success” (Bill Gate’s quote) in the midst of the intense struggles now. For Asamoah Gyan started out as a young player at Liberty Professionals in the early 2000s, where it was very unlikely to reach dizzy heights because the league was all about “the survival of the fittest.”


(2) Passion is all you need:
How can I forget Dr. Myles Munroe’s quote which goes like, “…passion is a desire which is stronger than death…” My friends, if you are not passionate in the pursuit of your talents, gifts, skills or potentials; you are certainly doomed to failure! Do you know that Baby Jet was absolutely passionate about playing soccer as a young boy even at the expense of his education? In fact, he was willing to die for football and his career in his early days as a footballer.

(3) Have the right mentor:
Asamoah Gyan once revealed in an interview that his personal coach in football has always been his senior brother, Baffour Gyan. Asamoah added that Baffour used his experiences to guide him to avoid the mistakes his elder brother made during his dying career. Well, how can you work the gift of God in you all alone? You ought to have the right mentor to guide you all the time!

(4) Efficiency should be your hallmark:
This lesson has an overriding importance because without it, you cannot achieve your aims! The BBC African Footballer of the Year 2010 is one African striker who is very prolific in the game of football. He scores great goals when needed or even when hope is lost. Can you imagine that he scored 44 goals in 40 matches for his former club, Al Ain in Dubai? No wonder he is arguably Ghana’s leading goal scorer of all time. So we can now comfortably conclude that Gyan is a better striker with superb goal-scoring ability.

(5) Your purpose should be your topmost priority:
Many people still criticise Asamoah Gyan for not playing in any of the top 5 premier leagues in the world, namely the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue Un where he could rise to prominence in football very quickly. However, Asamoah focused on his purpose as a footballer by moving to the UAE premier league where he has left an indelible mark. Funny enough, he is the biggest name in football now outside those super leagues with his affluence and laurels.

(6) Be highly business-minded:
If you don’t want to be a mere social entrepreneur while you utilise your gift, then you ought to prioritise the business of your art very well. Make sure that the value of your skill triggers appreciable wealth because it’s all yours from God. For the Black Stars Captain signed a two-year contract with his present club, Shanghai FC in China for a whopping $36.4 million dollars ($350k a week times 104 weeks, i.e. 2 years).

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